#Viz2educate focuses on creating a high-quality bank of educational resources for teachers worldwide. Teachers will have free access to dig into subject-related visualizations.

Our Goal:

Use Social Media and Data Visualization to:

  • Create an online gallery of educational resources for teachers and students globally.
  • Create visualizations that do not only help teachers with access to unlimited resources, but also instigate the next generation toward data visualization.
  • Our gallery will be a one-stop-shop for subjects like geography, history, science, etc. The visualizations will be based on a curated global syllabus post discussion with teachers from around the globe.


The Project: 

Each month, we will be creating visualizations on a specific topic which is part of the global education syllabus. For each month we will focus on a different subject which  will be announced on the website at the start of the month. We will be sharing our creations with the #datafam and the wider teaching community.

  • Start of the month –We will share a post with information on that month’s chosen topic, along with some useful links and websites just in case you guys want to join in!
  • Middle of the month – We will share our visualizations and highlight any submissions from the community.
  • End of the month – We will share a blog post discussing our viz, as well as highlighting any further submissions from the data community. We will be uploading all visualizations in our gallery which will serve as a resource portal for teachers around the globe.


Want to get involved? 

Although this is not a typical project in that we don’t provide monthly data, we would love for you to join in with our chosen topic for each month. If you feel like you have a viz that you think would be a great resource for teachers or students, then please use our hashtag and submit your viz to be featured in our online gallery!

How to Submit Your Viz?

  • You can also create a viz based on our topics and syllabus guidelines using any tool/programming language which is free to access and can be shared across the world.
  • Share your visualizations on Twitter and LinkedIn with the hashtag #Viz2educate and tag both of us.
  • Enter your viz into the submission tracker to be featured in our teaching resources gallery.


How else can you get involved? 

We do understand that there are a lot of monthly community projects out there and to participate in everything seems arduous since we haven’t yet discovered a way to add more hours to the day. There are other great ways that you can get involved!

  • Join us as a ‘Syllabus Moderator’ – Help us curate the syllabus content for the topic of the month based on the syllabus from your country of residence and get featured in our Moderators page as a ‘Syllabus Moderator’
  • Help Spread the Word – If you see a viz with the #Viz2educate hashtag then please share it and help us spread the word to teachers and students
  • We have recently seen some amazing visualizations from the #datafam community which we believe could be used as valuable resources for teachers and students – if you think that you have a viz on your tableau public which would be suitable then please submit it via the submission link to maybe get it featured in the teaching resources gallery!


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